Rancho Mirage, California

Many of our neighbors say they’d consider selling their high-priced homes in Los Gatos and Monte Sereno “… but where would we go?” Each month our market report will showcase a high-quality residential destination where weather, lifestyle, personal security, taxes, home prices and potential appreciation offer an alternative that’s worth your consideration. Some will be in California and others, out-of-state.

This month we feature Rancho Mirage in California’s Coachella Valley – and the Mission Hills Country Club in particular. This active community offers abundant outdoor recreation, majestic mountain and desert scenery, great weather, proximity to several major airports,  personal safety and – best of all – reasonably affordable real estate. According to the MLS, the average sale price of a single-family home in Rancho Mirage, sold during the past 6 months, was $1,250,000 or about $440 per square foot. This is less than 35% of the average price per square foot in Los Gatos and Monte Sereno, over the same period. The same was true for townhomes and condominiums; they sell for about 35% of the price per square foot in our local market.

Let’s talk about weather. Rancho Mirage enjoys more sunny days each year (270) than Los Gatos (256) and much less rain (5 inches v. 31). Of course, there are three or four months each year, June through September, when daily high temperatures average more than 100 degrees. For those uncomfortable with such heat, a second home may be the answer – and altogether affordable.

An icon of the desert, offering fantastic views and breathtaking landscapes, is the Mission Hills Country Club. Located only minutes from the Indian Wells BNP Tennis Tournament and the Agua Caliente Casino, the Club offers tennis, pickleball and croquet on many beautiful courts for residents and non-resident members. This community includes a great variety of homes, from one-bedroom condos to large, single-family residences. Members enjoy three championship golf courses – the Dinah Shore Tournament, the Arnold Palmer Signature and the Pete Dye Challenge Course. The year-round food service at the Country Club caters perfectly to the many club organizations and social tennis and golf memberships available. Of course the gym and fitness facility and pool are equally exceptional. Click Mission Hills to enjoy a video describing this special place.

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